wine tasting at sefton park palm house correction

By Catherine Jones on Sep 7, 12 02:50 PM

Having taken Andrew Campbell to task in the office about his vile slur on my wine knowledge in his column this week I am now righting (or should that be writing) the wrong here!
I had a lovely evening out wine tasting at Sefton Park Palm House earlier in the week as part of the Liverpool Food and Drink Festival - a convivial occasion to try some familiar and as it happens not-so-familiar wines, and a plate of top British cheeses to boot.

The selection did, as Mr C point out, include a delicious dessert wine from Italy which, if I recall correctly, he recommended to me with the words 'have you tried it? It's ****ing lovely!'.
I can only assume that;s the terminology Jilly, Oz and Olly (the enthusiastic blond lad from Saturday Kitchen) regularly employ, off camera at least.
Anyway, like most people with a very general working knowledge of a corkscrew, I am well aware that sweet red wines exist even if I don't fancy drinking them.
However, rather than "scoffing" at the idea of their very existence, it's simply that this dessert wine being from the Marche region of Italy I for some reason expected it to be white.
As Andrew correctly reported, I was pleasantly surprised to the extent I dipped my hand in my pocket and parted with the best part of £20 on the spot.
Anyway, happily I had the last laugh as it wasn't really a wine in the grape sense at all but more a fortified beverage made from cherries. And now it's mine, all mine!!
So hats off to Liverpool Food and Drink Festival once again for all the hard work in 2012. I raise a glass to you!

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