liverpool food and drink festival

By Catherine Jones on Sep 2, 12 08:59 AM

Congratulations to the hard-working bods behind the Liverpool Food and Drink Festival for a cracking event.
I popped in yesterday afternoon and it was beautifully sunny and throbbing with people in Sefton Park, all queueing to try delicacies from across the wasn't simply the bars that had long queues outside them!
I also caught the Fabulous Baker Brothers doing their thing in the celebrity masterclass tmarquee.

It was entertaining, but boy those blokes are exhausting! And I was just sitting there watching. I can only imagine what a handful they must have been for their poor mum when they were growing up.
They were though, incredibly enthusiastic about what they do, Henry with his butchery and the almost ridiculously bouncy Tom spreading the gospel of sourdough to the packed marquee.
I was only sorry the crowd at the front swooped on the remnants of the steak sandwich they created before I managed to get within kneading distance......
Anyway, the festival continues today and if the weather forecasters are to be believed it should be brightening up later so I hope they have an equally successful Sunday.

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