cafe valise lunch at metal at edge hill station

By Catherine Jones on Sep 26, 12 04:33 PM

Normally lunch is a soup or sandwich grabbed at my desk in between a frenzy of typing.
Not today though. Today I went to lunch with the good people of Metal at Edge Hill station, who are taking a very civilised approach to their work for the 2012 Liverpool Biennial.
The guest of honour at today's event was actor David Gyasi, complete with a menu of delicous homecooked food inspired by his Ghanaian background (and cooked by the lovely ladies at Metal) and some thought-provoking conversation around the table.

There was an interesting combination of lunch guests, from local residents who thought the event sounded interesting, to artists, musicians, actors and yes, arts editors.
Spiffingly-dressed David, who grew up in the south east as one of six children, talked about how his mum instilled a sense of confidence and pride in their children by telling them they were 'the head not the tail'.
He recounted the moments in his life and career where that wisdom had helped him, and asked the table to ponder questions about what or who inspires us, and the nature of differences between people.
Good food, good conversation and a touch of thought-provocation. A million times better than a tuna and sweetcorn sandwich in front of the computer!
The lunches only run until the end of this week, but Metal's Cafe Valise continues to operate throughout the Biennial.
And if you catch the 12.01 train there, you get to hear a specially-commissioned poem about train travel and MP and first railway fatality William Huskisson, penned and recited by John Cooper Clarke, into the bargain.
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