stephen graham takes over the screen

By Catherine Jones on Aug 13, 12 08:40 AM

Is Liverpool actor Stephen Graham the hardest working man on TV? Quite possibly given the current evidence.
The 39-year-old seems to be making a bid to take over the telly schedules - in fact you can't turn on the gogglebox at the moment without seeing him pop up in a programme trailer.

There he is, kissing a transvestite Sean Bean in Accused here, muttering at Warren Brown in the imminent Liverpool filmed Good Cop between jetting off to the US to appear in hit Sky Atlantic series Boardwalk Empire.
And later this month he's also appearing in the Beeb's answer to Downton Abbey, First World War drama Parade's End, which also stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Rupert Everett, Anne-Marie Duff, Rebecca Hall and Rufus Sewell among others.
Earlier in the year he also filmed the movie Blood (with Paul Bettany and Mark Strong) which used Wirral for some of its location shooting, and his name's been linked with a new version of Macbeth in which he plays Macduff.
I'm amazed he's found the time to come home even for a change of shirt and a quick plate beans on toast, but because he's such a genuinely charming and obliging bloke, he's also found time in his bonkers schedule to appear 'In Conversation' at St George's Hall on November 17.
It should be an interesting evening if he only covers a fraction of his increasingly stellar career path.......

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