RLPO and Vasily Petrenko at the BBC Proms

By Catherine Jones on Aug 21, 12 08:42 AM

RLPO and Vasily Petrenko fans are going to have to make a choice this Thursday after the BBC decided to double book their appearances.
It's feast or famine when it comes to the Proms with the RLPO still, inexplicably, only being invited to perform once every two years and not at each summer's festival.

Thursday is very much a feast day however.
First up is the RLPO and Petrenko (joined by violinist Tasmin Little) who are performing at the Royal Albert Hall, with the concert being broadcast live on Radio 3.
The programme includes Shostakovich's 10th, the new Maxwell Davies symphony premiered at the Philharmonic Hall in June, and Delius's violin concerto.
However, in its wisdom Aunty Beeb is also showing the National Youth Orchestra concert, filmed earlier in August and yes, conducted by Mr Petrenko, on the television the same evening.
You pays your licence fee, you takes your choice. Or of course you could record one for later I suppose!
As for the ECHO? Well, we'll be there of course, and you can read a review of the concert in Saturday's paper, while if there's any backstage or after-show news or good old fashioned gossip, you'll find it here on the culture chat blog.
Happy listening/watching/reading!

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